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chadh wrote:

Not any more, unfortunately. If you click on any of the card choices you will see that there is no way to purchase any of them. If you navigate the site, you won't find the cards anywhere (the above site must have been found via the search function). Just a couple of days I ago I emailed LOR about them no longer having gift cards, and this is the response I received:

We offered Gift Certificates last year during the Christmas Season. They were not a big seller. We may place them back in the store this year but we are not 100% sure.

Best regards,


Light O Rama, Inc.

Bummer. I was hoping to get some of these as birthday and Christmas gifts--actually even already told family to just go to the site and they would see where to buy them. I just figured that several people would rely on these for site expansion, especially in a poor economy. Not sure what difference it makes whether they sell a few versus a lot--maybe it complicates their ordering process system.

Maybe if a lot of members reply to this thread LOR will reconsider. :D

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Well I got my answer, but I wish it would have been more positive.

Well now what do I do for the Christmas decorating contest?

Well the Canadian Christmas forum is not large by any means but this year we are going to have our 1st contest with a prize, and the prize we were hoping for is a $100.00 gift card from Lor.

Well back to the drawing board..........for the prize that would go to the computerized display.

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I had that on my list for this Christmas. LOR didn't have them out very long. For sales you have to let them run for awhile. If I remember correct it came out close to Christmas last year. By that time everyone had presents for each other. I was going to tell everyone this is what I wanted this year. So I could use them during the closeout sale and summer sale.

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