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Good Low Light Recording Solution


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Several months back I posted a thread asking for info regarding a good low light digital recorder, and got some excellent feedback . My biggest issue with purchasing a good low light recorder was naturally, the cost.

There is, to my knowledge, not one available that does both, good low light recording and is inexpensive enough to purchase.
I now believe I have come up with a good solution.

Ion Audio makes an excellent VHS conversion to my PC. Oddly enough called “VCR 2 PC”. I have an old VHS camcorder that worked great in low light and I had in the past, made some excellent videos of my Christmas lights. I tried converting them to my PC, with the VCR 2 PC, and was very impressed. I was able to save to my PC hard drive, edit with an editing program, and burn to a CD. The VCR 2 PC connects to my PC via a USB.

My old VHS camcorder still works great, and I will use it this Christmas do record my videos.

The great news is the cost.. I purchased my VCR 2 PC from Sams Club for $114.00 plus shipping (not stocked in Sams Club stores, just on line). I have seen it both more and less at other stores and sites. I chose Sam's for return policy and extended warranty.
With Christmas a scant 5 months away (less for decorating), this could be a most helpful tool for making those videos.
Also a good way to store all your old VHS tapes on DVD's or CD's.

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