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Adjusting Timing


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I'm having to re-do my sequences due to the addition of several controllers last year and more this year. When I first did my sequences I layed the channels and then added last year. It seems like every year I was re-doing my layout due to adding mor channels. I was told last year that I should have a track one with all of the channels and layout on it and not change it.

My question is I'm re-doing my layouts and most of my older sequences has unique timings. The new one's are fixed. How do I change the fixed timings so I can revise the timings of what is existing?


Bob Walker

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If you have a fixed timing grid, and you want to create a freeform grid that is otherwise just like it, you can:

(1) Select the fixed grid in the "Timings" dropdown list (in the toolbar);

(2) Click the "Timings" button (next to the dropdown list);

(3) From the popup menu that opens, select "Duplicate to New Freeform Grid".

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