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I am probably in the minority as I like to print out and use the Manual when I am sequencing. I like to write notes in the margins or highlight things when I do my sequencing. With all the great new features and changes, it's difficult to remember everything in the manual and I find it time consuming to toggle between a sequence and the manual/help screens. So, in the interest of "saving trees," ink, and time transcribing notes and reprinting, I have a suggestion for future revisions to the manual. I would like to see the manual changes done the way technical manuals used to be done in the Air Force (don't know if they are still done this way or not, as this was in the days BC - Before Computers).

When the information on a page changes, change only that page. If there is too much changed information to go on a single page, carry the information to the next page, but number that page with a numeral and alpha character. For example, if page 156 has new information that won't fit, you would carry the additional info to a page numbered 156a. Even if it would only be two lines on the new page. That way, it would not be necessary to print out all the subsequent pages. Just the new pages could be printed and inserted.

A new index would have to be printed. A cover page with all the changes could be included so that the user would know which pages to print.

With the release of all the new hardware in the pipeline, I can see a lot of changes coming down the pike to the manual for CCR, the servo cards, XMAS flood, color picker, etc.

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Hear, Hear!

Count me among those who prefer to keep the printed tome at hand. And I fully agree with the request for 'change sets' as the documentation updates.

Mustn't overload the recycle bins after all...

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I must agree also, have done that exact thing at work, didn't think about it with this though, I've just been killing a bunch of trees. Very good idea!!!!

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I agree a change-set document would be good thing so that the specific changes are pointed out. But there is always the "What's new" section.

However I disagree with creating pages 10a, 11c, etc. Documents today, be them in MS Word, Wordperfect, Open Office, PDF, etc., allow for dynamic flow of contents and automated updating of page number, table of contents, etc. Adding suffixes to pages is from an era where typing pages on paper and xerographing them made it better for inserting pages. Even deleted pages ended up with a (this page intentionally left blank) page that was inserted. And I find (this page intentionally left blank) really annoying. If it was really blank it wouldn't have that statement! :)

I would not find it beneficial to append page number suffixes to a document just to insert a page.

Just my 2 cents as I rarely print out a manual when I have the ability to view it on my screen; even when I have to alt-tab to view it. Personally, I cannot read a document and click/drag-drop/etc. in Showtime Editor at the same time as I generally have to pay attention to where I'm clicking. Perhaps adding a 2nd monitor to your system so you can see multiple documents/applications would help. Need notes? Use a loose leaf or spiral bound notebook, print out the paragraph in question and insert/tape it to your notebook and add notes in your notebook.

If you have to remove pages or the entire printed manual, there's the option to place the shredded pages in your compost pile. :D

Yellow sticky notes on your computer are cool too. There are a number of software programs available to do this. Here's a google search of them: http://www.google.com/search?q=yellow+sticky+notes+software


p.s. My wife is hooked on her kindle now! So there's another option for reading without wasting paper. You can take notes on them and it connects to the PC as a USB drive so you can upload/download and print if necessary.

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