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Adding new controller to existing sequences


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I would like to add another controller or two this year (during the July sale) if I can convince the boss (wife).... My first 6 songs are sequenced using Track 1, I don't see a problem there (Channel Properties -> add Controller).

My 7th song has six tracks, and my 8th song 8 tracks - and I want the new controller(s) on all tracks and make sure I don't undo my existing timing and sequence work - and that all of the work rolls up to be displayed on all tracks.

My first mistake when using tracks was to add new a track - not duplicate, so the controller/channel link did not exist between tracks in the sequence.

Is it as simple as doing Channel Properties -> add Controller on Track 1 and since I duplicated track 1 to the other Tracks - the new controller will be replicated across all tracks?

My plan is to add 11 34" mini-trees (200 lights, 1 color one channel - 6 built), add 4 rings of horizontal light bands to my live Christmas tree in the front yard (9 total), and twelve to sixteen channels for standard vertical mega-tree light strings.

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I think the best way will be to add the controller/channels to track 1.

Then to a copy of channels individually to the other tracks. I do not think it will do automatically. The copy you did before is a one time and is not an automatic continuation.


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