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Using acrylic rod to diffuse led light


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Could not find any post on this

Is anyone using plastic rod to make a tube of light from a single point led. I think I saw a video of rods arranged into a cone. Maybe using firefly?

The new unnamed flexible 50 LED strip could light up a tube. or 50.

As shown on this link http://hacknmod.com/hack/how-to-glowing-led-tubes-new-years-party-2/

Basically.. Polish the light receiving end. Scratch the remainder of the rod. Need a way to mount the rod firmly over the led.

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I used the Flanigan's Firefly "Light Sabers" s idea found here:


Here is the firefly thread that i discuss it in (somewhere buried in 36 pages)


And here is some video of it in action(one of my last songs not disabled:

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Thanks thebaronn. I actually thought it was you and even browsed your vids but didnt find it.

I want one like yours! But I guess I need 50 tubes which is $700 for 6 footers.
Exact positioning seems like it could be a problem. So many construction questions that I may contact you via PM.

Do you have any close up construction pictures to share? It doesn't look like you or Flanigan sanded the tubes to diffuse the light.

I have noticed minor prisming effects on all three of the videos from different projects. Do you think this is due to position of R or G or B led being closer to an edge of the rod? Or is the color being skewed by the plastic?

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most likely the color is skewed because of my camera, i never noticed anything when I was watching them. It was definitly more impressive in person than on the video.

I think I made a mistake and used "cast" instead of "extruded". The cast was more expensive. The cast is like 98% clear and the extruded is only 85%. So on mine the color just passes through (it sounded like a good idea at the time, also I was able to get cast in 8' lengths, extruded was only 6') so I placed little mirrors on the other end of the rods so the light was reflected back down and I also scored then outside with sand paper to make them brighter. So I think extruded is the way to go.

The firefly was easy, you take the cap off and the rod just rests nice and snugly inside. on the LOR version I dont know..........

fell free to PM me.

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