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Need HLD Help

Bob Foster

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I have 4.0 and I am unable to get the mega tree designer to work. I have spent hours trying to put the lights on. The first couple of strands goes well, but after that it becomes impossible to put on more strands.

I have asked for help from the company, but e-mail has gone unanswered. Their forum asks this question, and those too seem to be unanswered. All I want is to be able to use the product.

If any one has figured this feature out, I would really appreciate information on how you accomplished the task. I also would like to build the Arches, but again, this seems like a difficult task.

Any help would be appreciated.


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All I can suggest is to follow these instructions... http://www.holidaysoft.com/Documentation/index.html

I only have mini trees and do not use this tool. I make a pattern of dots in red the shape of a tree using a paint program (I use Photoshop). Then make a green one and blue one. Do not make a copy of the first one as a template. Each one has to be random dots. The reason is when placed in HLD and all 3 colors are turned on at the same time... Only the top color would be seen. I then place each of the trees into my HLD project. Each assigned a different LOR channel. Then stack them on top of each other.

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