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S2 Version 2.3.6 Released


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Version 2.3.6 has just been released. This version fixes one bug that was introduced in version 2.3.4, which was released earlier this week (please see http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum55/19165.html for information about version 2.3.4, including important information about how to obtain your license and how to register).

The bug is unlikely to affect you if you've previously installed some version of LOR 2 (other than 2.3.4): When you upgrade from LOR 1, the post-install process gives you a chance to change the directory that your sequences and such are stored in. If you choose a different directory than you had been using for LOR 1, it is supposed to automatically copy your sequences and such from the old directory to the new one. The post-install process in version 2.3.4 did not copy these files.

You can get version 2.3.6 from the software download page:


If that page says 2.3.4 instead of 2.3.6, please try hitting your browser's "refresh" button.

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