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Tennessee Meet Location and time...

Roger Leon Forbes

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The Tennessee meet will be held at Amerigo's (www.Amerigo.net) in Brentwood, TN (Franklin area) on Saturday July 18, 2009 begaining at 10:00 AM. A light breakfast brunch will be served with a dutch treat lunch to follow. We have the room from 10:00 AM until..
We have several really nice door prizes and discount cards to be given away, a list will be posted.
Please post a note if you will be attending to help in setting up the tables and area. You may email me here or at rogerleonforbes@embarqmail.com if more info is needed.
Thanks everyone and lets have a good meet.

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Sorry for the delay in getting the post up, here is what we have on PC and we will be doing another post later. We hope to do "On Line Broadcast" if we can get it set up. Thanks Roger

Due to an increaseing number of presentations the TN Meet has change to the Tennessee Mini 2009. The Mini will be held at Amerigo's (www.amerigo.net) in Brentwood, TN July 18, 2009 starting at 10 AM. THE MIMI AND EVENTS ARE FREE.
The following are just some of the events plained:
1. Woods Elect. Service - Power breakout boxs, wireing remote power panels with questions and answers to follow.
2. Lynx Wireless demo.
3. Cat-5 Cableing (Make your own while there)
4. Mini Tree tricks.
5. Waterproofing of connections.

We also have several really nice doorprizes to be giveing away with some supprises.

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