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Video Winners?


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Hey David.... Nice job! I love the firework effect!

Best wishes from another David T.


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Contest 1 - Our Traditional Contest.
Cat1 - StaticL. Brown of TX
Cat2 - 32 or lessF. Little of CA
Cat3 - 33 to 64E. Norris of ?? (we only have email)
Cat4 - 65 to 128S. Lelinski of DE
Cat5 - over 128F. Gordon of TX
Cat6 - 240V CountriesTie (D.Tilson of Australia)&(K. Lund of Denmark)
Cat7 - CommercialShadrack of TN
Grand Prize WinnerR. Lister of FL

Contest 2 - YouTube.com
The lucky Mike Johnson of Kansas is the winner!

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I know who the winners are just the LOR site has said Coming soon! Forever lol. Just would like to watch the videos. O and I love the Fire works you got.

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I have to come to johhnies defense.

Today was John's wedding day. He is and was very nervous...He is now driving off to his honeymoon :shock: .
My biggest congrats to you John and Christine.

David I too love your video's. the fire work is a very nice touch.

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G'day All,

Thanks for the nice words about our videos.

The original inspiration for the firework came from watching one of Don Williams (www.lakemyrachristmas.com) videos from Greg Young's Holiday Lights DVDs a couple of years ago and I modified it to suit our needs.

Our version is roughly 25' high and mounted on a 2" piece of aluminium tubing. The rocket has 8 segments each of 100 white LEDs. There is a central explosion (in the middle of the firework) with another 100 white LEDs. Another 300 (from memory) LEDs go up and back each of the 8 spokes (made of 1" PVC tubing) and at the end of each of the 8 spokes there are 100 white, 100 green and 100 red LEDs. 4 of the spokes use 3 channels and the other 4 (interleaved) spokes use another 3 channels. Using 6 channels for the various colours works well for us as we can mix / match the effects similar to real firework explosions. So all up it uses 16 channels. The whole lot runs on 1 x CMB-16D board and is fed with 24 VDC. It takes 2 people to carry, as it is quite heavy, but only takes about 10 - 15 minutes to setup as it simply bolts on to a couple of permanent mounting points on the house, along with a couple of guy wires.

Although we are really happy with our firework John, at Kamahilights (http://kamahilights.atspace.com) in New Zealand, has a much more impressive one (in my opinion) and well worth a look at the video on his home page.


davidt, Australia

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