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I couldn't find a For Sale area, but since there were a couple other offerings in "The Midway Zone", I put this here.

Light-O-Rama CTB16PC-KIT-PACKAGE for sale.

Product description here. This is the complete 30amp Planet Christmas controller/enclosure/cables package that requires soldering.

I bought this two years ago, and I have never gotten around to assembling it. The enclosures that I built for my other bare controllers allow for stacking two controllers inside, so I really don't need this package. Sure, I could assemble this one's controller and then sell off the rest of the parts, but I figured that someone might be happier with an entire package.

First $175 in my PayPal account takes it. I will cover shipping, insurance, and any PayPal fees. So this is the total price delivered to you!

Don't like the price? If there are no takers at $175, I will take the best reasonable offer as of Midnight, Friday, 6/5/09. Same all-inclusive deal will apply. FYI...from LOR this unit will cost you right around $200 including shipping. Typically around $10 less than that during the June sales.


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