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A Soldiers Silent Night


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I know that most, if not all sequences are pretty upbeat to emphasize the fast tempo with the lights, but I was wondering if anybody has every sequenced a slower, more somber song.

I happened across the "spoken" song A Soldier's Silent Night and it kinda struck me as a good patriotic song with a Christmas flair. Certainly brings tears to my eyes.

I envision a slow transition of channels or maybe a single faded star or a whole mega tree lit.

Any thoughts from anybody else?

You can listen to the song at:


Of course, getting permission to use the song legally, is another thing.

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I sequenced Linus Speech with soft flowy music. I used fades from 40% to 80% and 75% to 25%, or something close. Anything flashy took away from the mood. Fades to 0 didn't work. You can preset your fades. Have fun.

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