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LOR feature I think would be a great help to sequencing.

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Hey folks, I submitted this to the wish list folks. Most, likely it's not a popular request.

Also, even though I mention another product, it is not meant to disparage LOR in anyway. I use LOR II...I love it!

That said, as I was lookng at the Vixen software; they have a really cool way of doing chases. It's basicaly a click and drag holding the ctrl key. When you release the mouse, you have a chase sequence set up on alternating cells.

They also show a way you can take a section with fades, and redraw the chase line; only this time instead of just the ON/OFF in the cell it redraws with the fade effect. Pretty cool...and fast!:D

Here's a link to a youtube video showing the feature.


Would you folks think this would be a good feature for LOR? Or is it just easier to click move dow/over click etc. looks like this method would make chase sequencesa lot easier and faster.

What do you folks think?



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