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Make fireworks with just lights?

Paul B. Anderson

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I'm thinking of trying to make fireworks by just using light strands, starting small from the center (making small, random "spokes") and outward making progressively larger spokes integrated with the previous strand, firing them from center out sequencially.

Has anyone tried this method, and how does it look compared to the Light Storms that are no longer available?

I've tried searching a little, but most posts I found mention Light Storms....or actual fireworks.

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kamahilights wrote:

Have a look at

4m in diameter, 8m in the air and using 1520 individual LED's (NOT strings!)

Those look awesome.

How many channels is that taking up?
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Currently it is not under LOR control. It runs off a home brew controller connected to the LPT port of a old PC. The software used is PatControl which is FREE software written by a fellow Kiwi, and we use 3 instances of this in our show. This controller has 32 DC digital channels but only 31 are used:

5x "rocket trail"

6 "rings" on each radial x 3 for RGB = 18 channels

1 channel for the white flash in the middle

5 channels for the 10 radials (so I can "rotate" them)

2 channels to trigger the sound effects (rocket and BANG!)

This year I intend to take "remote control" of the control from LOR - I will be able to

i) stop it

ii) control the arms

iii)make all the arms go red, green or blue

This will take 8 channels of my DIO-96 card which I will have running this year.

Attached is a photo of the controller - its the white box on top. The "knob" is for the volume of the sound effects. Red led is power, the yellow leds are the radials and the clear leds are the rings, rocket and flash. The ring leds are tri colour leds.

Attached files 175125=10023-DSCF0014.JPG

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So we're working on last minute, cheap firework effects, and we were thinking about the "rocket" stream tha leads to the burst.

Wouldn't it work to simply take a string of white "chaser" minis, and turn them on long enough for the chase to run the length of the string one?

I guess the question would be....when you turn on a string of "chasers", do they always start at the beginning and chase to the end?

Anyone every try using them like this?


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I made one for the fourth of july which uses 7 channels for the device. It is 16 feet accross and strapped to a 25 foot palm tree. I use 3 sets of twinkling lights lit one at a time, then red white and blue lights, then to the strobes supplied by Daryl Brown at christmaslightshow.com. Below is a link to the first version which looked more like a spider web and did not have the strobes. Remember it is 25ft in the air and the mega tree is a 25ft flagpole. Also note this was my first light-o-rama show.


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