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LOR unit #2 assembly finished - new round of newbie questions


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I completed the board assembly today, used the Hardware Utility to program the unit ID and tested the channels before starting the final assembly. The second build was a lot easier then the first, number three should be a walk in the park (stupid mistakes documented in my build thread).

In one of the other message threads I'm participatng in, the advice was to hook up lights and see what it looks like.

I opened 16 100 light string boxes and hooked them to the LOR controller in my office - and fired up the sequence editor. After the initial shock & awe of watching the lights dance to the music - I noticed some lights doing things I didn't expect.

When I open the channel confgs I found multiple rows defined for the same physical channel. It appears that the first channel (closer to the top of the list) config as listed in the sequence editor overrides any entry lower in the listing in the same time slot.

Is this a way I can re-task channels, the same lights come on - but sequenced for dfferent song events?


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Actually, having two separate logical channels configured to the same hardware unit & channel is described as "undefined, but probably not what you expected" by LOR.

The closest I can think of to what you are asking, is that you can have the same logical channel in multiple tracks, by copying the channel from one track to another. If it is done correctly, events programmed to the channel in the first track should appear in the second, and won't necessarily line up with any timings in the second. And the reverse should happen with events added into the second track, showing up in the first.

I am not aware of a correct way to duplicate a channel within a track. There are at least two correct ways to duplicate a channel from track to track. One is to use edit/duplicate track, which will duplicate all your channels. Another is to right click on the channel button, and select copy to track. For some reason, I was thinking there was a third way, but I can't find/remember it right now.

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I would think that it would be possible to support having the same "saved ID" appear more than once in a track, the same way it can appear in multiple tracks. It just is not a supported feature today..

In a way, I would kind of like either that ability, or maybe the ability to define a few channels as header channels. Either way, I would be able to make my channels that are timing marks visible on multiple pages of channels within a track, without having to copy and past the cell contents down.

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