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Ideas for Radio Station Display Sign

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I will be putting a sign in my yard letting people know what station to tune to.. I was also wanting to let everyone know the times when the shows can be seen. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make a nice, tasteful sign?

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I made one from 1X2s, Coro, PVC pipe and a couple of PVC end caps. I cut the PVC pipe lengthwise a couple of times on my table saw to make an opening, leaving about 2/3 of the pipe. I mounted 4 clear C9 lights inside to flood the sign from above. I painted the outside of the pipe black so it would not glow from the lights.

I used my wifes Cricut craft cutting machine to make the letters and glued them to a piece of coro for the sign. The Halloween sign was done with paper letters that I sealed with clear coat, but they faded and curled some as you can see in the picture.

For my Christmas sign I got some Cricut black vinyl adhesive material to use in her machine, this worked great and held up well. The black letters show up very well against the white coro.


Attached files 174926=10008-Sign closeup cropped.jpg

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Steven wrote:

Dennis Cherry wrote:
Here is the sign I used fro 2008.

I take it you don't get very high winds during Winter?

Yes I do. We had winds up to 60 Mph. Sign points faces south.

You cannot see the tie down straps in the picture. The end stakes are 48" long with 1/2 in the ground.
Did not budge.
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