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Sequences timings question


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Last year was my first year, with only 16 channels. This year we are expanding to at least 48 channels and I've got a question for you folks that have been putting such massive sequences together for years. I have been using the tapping wizard to get my timings laid out, but I really would like to set it up so that some of my channels are synched with the lyrics and others with the instruments. Is there some way to do this easily? What I would really like to be able to do is tap out two different sets of timings to the same mp3 and then overlay them-- is that possible (or do I need to direct this to the LOR folks as a feature request)?

Does anyone know a better way?

Thanks a bunch,


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A quick search for "tracks" will provide a veritable plethora of info regarding tracks and how people use them for grouping items and/or for timings.

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