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Greetings from Knoxville - with some Newbie questions

Randy R

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Greetings from Knoxville, TN! I've been checking out the forum on and off for a while, and after seeing a couple of fantastic local LOR displays over the holidays, I decided to take the plunge!

Although this is currently just an EXPENSIVE hobby (:shock:), I'm already quite a Light Show / Pyrotechnics enthusiast , having fired a few home-brew electrically-fired backyard fireworks displays that also used some DMX-controlled lighting for additional effects. I'm also pretty heavy into the laser entertainment aspect of light shows, and am currently working on a home-built 1 Watt RGB solid-state laser projector controlled by Pangolin hardware and software, with another 1 Watt green laser on standby for a future project. I've already used the lasers, some of my DMX lighting, and lots of fog for several "garage laser shows" this season. :cool:

To get started with LOR, I purchased the 16-channel starter package, along with the iDMX1000 interface, and hope to add on another 16-channel box or two if I can catch a good upcoming sale!! I ultimately want to combine the features of the LOR system along with DMX gear I already have (which currently consists of 12 Chauvet ColorSplash Jr RGB LED fixtures, a couple of Chauvet White LED strobe panels, a 4-pack dimmer, Chauvet DMX-50 controller, and an interface and software for the PC. The Pangolin laser package can also control DMX fixtures, so that presents some interesting control possibilities).

Due to a recent career change that will keep me out of town most weeks, I'll probably need to go "pre-fab" as much as possible on any holiday displays I do for the next year or two, since my "garage time" availability will be minimal. With this in mind, I was wondering what folks here think about the display kits offered by the WoW Lights web site? I'm specifically interested in the US flag, PVC MegaTree, mini trees, and arches. I'm definitely open to pros, cons, suggestions, or any other commentary from anyone that might have hands-on familiarity with these products!

Also, I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for dealers for LED lights that have proven to be reliable with the LOR controllers.

And any other suggetions anyone might have! (Except for "run while you can" - I guess it's too late for that already...:D)



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As far as LED vendors, these two are the most often mentioned in the forums. The first still has a sale going on until 3/31.



For mega tree parts, the only one I have found is


I haven't purchased anything from them, so I can't rate them.

Also, sign into Planetchristmas.com and check out their vendor list. It is quite extensive.

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Valerie at Supretec Novelties http://christmas-leds.webs.com/index.htm is also a good vendor for LEDs. As a member of the Christmas forums, she will give you a 20% discount also. I have dealt with Darryl at Christmas Light Shows (not for mega tree parts, but purchasing his strobes) and he is also highly reputable as are the other two vendors mentioned by "Cajun Cheesehead."

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