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Greetings from Colorado


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Long time lurker here. Have had alternating static displays for about 15 years. I alternate a full size Santa's Workshop with about 25 full size plywood cutouts and a life sized nativity scene when I am feeling extra religious. last time I counted it was somewhere near 20,000 lights. I also put up a huge Halloween display during October.

Long admired (salivated over actually) animated displays. Always held off because of cost.

Finally bit the bullet and bought 4 PC-CTB16PC controllers at last weekends sale. Would have bought more, except I will be having to upgrade electrical sevice from 100 amp to 200 amp later this spring.

I am sure I will be here asking all the usual noob questions, but boy I can't tell you how excited I am to finally be doing this.

BTW, where do you get the kewl signature saying how mnany channels and lights you have???

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Welcome to the insanity, now start sequencing!

64 channels will be a handful, I started w/ 32, moved up to 48 and just the time required to update all my songs will keep me busy.

Start with some easy short songs, there's a lot of stuff folks have already done and share so take advantage and learn from there stuff.

Good luck and hope to see some videos come xmas time~

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Welcome aboard the USS LOR. She is a find vessel with Captain Dan and family running the show. The crew is made up of seasoned and new recruits......so as new recruits we can learn a lot from those seasoned sequencers. The veteran crew is always there to help out.

As was mentioned in the posts above, this link...... http://www.lorsequences.com .....has many shared sequences that you can use and adopt to your display........generally you need to rework them to fit your display.......but within a few hours you can have a sequence ready if you use a shared sequence.

I did that as a 48 channel Animated Lighting controller user before I came on board the USS LOR......and had a good show. I reworked 28 sequences and did 26 of my own as well.

Now I am a newbie LOR user with 64 new channels at home, and I ordered 64 more channels during the sale, and I plan to order 2 more...(1 will be for the show and 1 will be used for a spare), plus I have 1 controller in the mail coming to my house soon. So this year I am running 160 channels as a newbie and I will be using around 45 shared sequences and making about 5 of my own....which I started now. I have two computers and if 1 crashes, then I will use the other one. Plus I will back up all the work.

I would keep the songs under 2.45 minutes for now.......but hey add a few 3 or 4 minute songs....some TSO songs are in that time frame....some shared sequences require the full song and some require the edited song.

I averaged about 25 hours to do 1 song on my own......so like other have posted on this forum or the PC forum you can spend up to 12 hours a minute on 1 song. I read where people can do 1 minute in about 5 or 6 hours.....depending on the song.

Anyway the above link that was mention in other posts is a good place to start. Plus on your browers type in something like "shared Lor sequences" or 'Lor Christmas sequences" or even "Lor halloween sequences'' then you may find some personnal web sites with shared sequences. I check out many personnal websites that are Christmas related and found many sequences that way too.

They may not add them to the Lor sequence site.

Here is 1 link I found.... Our Lor Sequence Files ...... here is another one by typing in shared lor sequences......

Happy sequencing.http://www.lamagiedenoel.ca/Lightorama/lightorama.htm


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Welcome to the insanity :) (you know only LOR users can sit up for hours on end making lights dance... perfect candidates for the Asylum)

So you are the competition to get DIA moved to your front yard?

Good luck, and see ya around.


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Thanks for the Welcome Darius. We used to live just north of Morse Park on 22nd and Zephyr. Still got family In Arvada. When Xmas gets closer I'll contact you about checking out ur display if thats OK. I'm not ashamed to steal ideas. LOL

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What part of Colorado do you live in. I travel into Western Colorado from time to time. I am also curious to see other displays and get idea's. People's ideas never cease to amaze me. It always gives me so many new ideas to work with and plan for.

It also helps if you put your location in so if there are any other LOR folks in the area they may be able to help you out with questions.

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