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building an american flag

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Ed Slonka Jr wrote:

It's regular rope light of red and white. Held in place with a plastic channel made for rope light.

It reflects the stripes really well. I used high gloss paint for that purpose.

Is that just a 4x8 sheet of plywood? If so, I take it the length to the next cut point is just folded behind the back, and blacked out as needed?

Anything fancy on the stars and blue field?
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Yes it's a 5/8" sheet of plywood but I cut it down to 4' x 6'.

I then took the actual measurements off an actual 4 x 6 nylon flag for the field and stars and stripes.

I made a star pattern out of masonite and traced them onto the field and used

a 100 set of blue lights for the field spaced as evenly as possible.

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Made my flag using a sheet of 4x8' PVC board. Applied a vinyl decal (printed by my local sign guy) and drilled holes in the appropriate locations. Total of 16 channels, an additional channels was used to runs strobes attaches to the back of the board.

It is very durable and I expect to be able to use it for several years. It's mounted on two 8ft tall angle iron that I just push into the ground.

I'd be glad to answer any questions about this project.

I acutally rented it out last year for 10 days and made $1000 bucks.

See video here:

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Dave here.

I've received a couple of requests for a "how-to" for my flag since Steve posted some photos in this thread, so here is a rough draft. This is a project that must be started early - Like May/June. And even earlier if you want to get off-season pricing on the over 3,000 LEDs that it takes to build it.


I'm not on the forum all that much, so PM me if you have questions.


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last year (2009) I built a 4' X 6' Flag from a sheet of 1/2 plywood. Drilled 50 holes for the Stars (white mini's), 100 for the blue field (blue mini's). Painted the entire flag white, then used blue Painters tape for the blue backgound in the field and cut out the 50 stars from the blue tape with an exacto knife (used a small wood star as a patern), this allowed the white background to show through and Red Duct Tape for the red stripes (left the white background for the white stripes. (shoud have used MDF since the plywood splitered a little where I drilled the holes). (cost for paint, tape etc was around $40.00, not including any of the labor)

Cut red rope light for the red stripes and screwed in small clamps to hold the rope light, and white rope light for the white stripes etc.

The entire flag weighed a TON but worked. I found that the rope light was a bit to directional and had to often repsosition the rope to allow the lights to look even as the rope light sagged.

Total time was somewhere around 6 hours.

This year, I purchsed 3 of the coro flags from Holidaycoro.com (1 large and 2 smaller). Steps were paint, poke in the 1400 mini lights (for the small flag) (3,000 for the larger flag), make a frame, DONE. Total time invested each was about 1 1/2 hours each. All the lights shine the same brightness (brighter that the rope light, and a hole lot lighter). Lesson learned for me. If you can find a quality professional product at a reasonalbe price, buy it. Looks better and cost less. (saved 4 1/2 hours on the large flag alone and the overall cost was about the same not including any labor)

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Rick Hoffman wrote:

Please send flag info. It would be much appreciated.
Rick rmljcl@yahoo.com

I also purchased the small version of the flag from holidaycorro.com. He has the small and large version and I thought the price was reanosable since the holes are already drilled. You do have to paint if and add the lights and build a wood frame to give it some support. overall I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I have more money in the lights than the rest of the project and I already had some of the lights .
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