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California Christmas Lights Expo

Dr. Jones

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To all my CA friends - here is the current vendor list for the expo as posted by Lyman.

I would like to announce that Galaxia is one of our sponsors for the event and we are excited to have them!!! I look forward to seeing some of their products that they are looking to bring!!! Here is their website for you to look over! www.galaxialighting.com

Also would like to announce that LEDHoliday Lighting is a sponsor and we are looking forward to having Travis and his lights and the new retro fit bulbs in town!! Most of you know his website but here it is for those who don't!! www.ledholidaylighting.com

A newcomer to the event is Holiday Technologies. Drew Hickman is going to be representing his company and also representing LOR so we welcome him with open arms and look forward to seeing what he does and sells!!! Welcome Drew!!! You can check out his website at www.holidaytechnologies.com

I would like to add Light Keeper Pro will be attending the event!! John is going to be in town that saturday and will be doing a class on light repair! He will also be available for questions through most of Saturday. We are glad to have him come!!!

He has said something about bringing some of the infamous Light Keeper Pro's with him so a bonus just might be in store for those who attend? Wait and see!!!

The website is www.lightkeeperpro.com. Check it out!!

That is all I have at the moment but am waiting on word from about a dozen more.

And I promise: That once they have confirmed, I will let you know!!!!

Lyman Rate
CACL Workshop and Expo

Save The Date: MAY 23-24, 2009 for the CaCL 2009 WORKSHOP & EXPO! dancing.gifdancing.gifdancing.gif

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And here is the current class list:

Welding - Hands on and what you need to get started

From Animated to Static - You have a static display and want to animate. This will tell you what you need to do, expect, and what factors you will need to discuss for this to happen.

Mini and Mega Trees - How to build Mini trees from different elements, and mega trees: the different styles and ways to make them.

Coroplast Elements - how to make coroplast display items, where to get coroplast and basic practical ideas that can be used to make stunning display pieces.

Plywood Cutouts - How to make, paint, and seal pieces for your display using plywood.

Easy and Impactful - Looking to make an easy display item that will add more and yet be simple and inexpensive? This class will teach you how to make North poles, candy canes, lollipops, toy soldiers, and any other items that can be incorporated into your display.

Anything Goes - Your confused on what to do, how to do it, and where to get it? This will be an open forum style class to discuss any questions that you may have or a project you need help with.

DMX Beginner - Basic DMX and how to control DMX by itself and thru LOR. Class shows how to address the lights, how to control it, and how it is used in the entertainment business.

DMX Advanced - Advanced control of the DMX network and how to create theatrical quality display effects. This class will be taught by someone who has an inside to how it works in the entertainment business. This will be more of a hands on class.

LOR 1 - New to LOR? This class teaches the basics to setting up a network, what LOR components are available and how they work. This class will also touch on a little sequencing and how to make the lights turn on and off.

LOR 2 - You have the equipment and a basic idea of how it works. Now what do you do? This class will cover taking the basics and enhancing them with multiple techniques. Will also cover the LOR2 Software and some added features that come with it.

LOR 3 - This is more of a round table discussion regarding all aspects of LOR and it's use. Discuss whatever you want regarding LOR here. The teacher is more of a moderator here. If you have a question and need it answered, this is where you go.

Electric 1 - Basic understanding of electrical jargon and how to measure load and basic wiring components. Also when do you need to contact a professional?

Electric 2 - Advanced topics in electrical such as installing a sub-panel, making, extension cord making, and installing circuits. This class is for someone that has the basic knowledge and wants to have the power to make their display bigger and brighter.

Security - You have this great display you are proud of and now you want to protect it. This class will show you how to use different components to keep those precious items safe. From installing cameras, trip wires, to flood lights, everything you need to know about security will be covered in this class.

Photography/Night Video - You are proud of this display and you want to people to see it. This class will show you how to get the best pictures and video of your display for all to see.

Websites - Waiting on Description

LED Lights - What are LED lights and why are they cost effective? Also introducing the Retro fit bulbs, differences between half wave and full wave. This class will dive into the world of LED lights and discuss how they work and how they can save you money year after year.

Mechanical Movers - Waiting on Description

Beyond Christmas - We all love Christmas that's a given. But what about those other holidays? This is a class dedicated to all the other holidays and decorating. Will show ideas and ways to decorate for those holidays.

Galaxia - You have heard of Galaxia, but really not sure what exactly how the product works or what it can do? This class will be taught by a representative from Galaxia and will cover how they use their product and all the possibilities that can be done!

Interior Decorating - We cover the outside of the house, but never the inside. This class changes that. This will show you how to do creative yet inexpensive ways to enhance the interior of the home for the holidays. Will also cover unique and amazing ways to decorate the christmas tree.

Light Repair - We all have those lights that won't light up. But no way to tell which bulb it is unless you go through each one. Well this class is going to be taught by the company who brings you Light Keeper Pro! Teaching about light repair, how to find the bad bulb and replace it, and is a must see. One time only on Saturday!

These are the classes we have set. Still missing some teachers! We need teachers for Websites, Beyond Christmas, Interior Decorating, Static to Animated, Mini and Mega Tree, Coroplast Elements, Plywood Cutouts, LOR 1, and Security.

If you can teach or willing to teach we want you!!

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well it is officially starting Saturday morning at 8:30 am

but we are having a meet and greet Friday night (also known as Drinking 101 being taught by Lyman)

Lyman is trying to get the classrooms for that Friday night if there is enough interest for a few classes that night so we can get a jump start on it

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