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Our display includes three houses on one side of the street (and 1 on the other side via a ELL). This year I'd like to give the visualizer background image a try, but first I have to make an image that includes all 3 houses.

I tried taking a bunch of pictures and "stitching" them together with "photo stitching" software, but the result was not satisfactory. I gave it a second try standing as far away as possible, with fewer pictures, but it still doesn't look right.

I'm thinking that the problem may be operator error as I'm not that familiar with image manipulation. Perhaps I'm trying to use software that's too advanced? I tried the trial version of Panavue ImageAssembler.

In my first try, I started with 15 pictures and ended up with this.

In my second try I started with 6 photos and ended with this.

Can anyone help?

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Your are in luck I do panos...

Here is one I did just this week.... It is made from 140 pictures... be sure to zoom up on portions of the pano. Below the pano are some "snapshots" that will take you to interesting places in the pano.


Your problem is you are moving down the street to each house. Need to setup a tripod and stay put... Backup so you can see all the homes from this location. Go to the center house, step back and set up your camera and take the pictures you need... A 20 - 30% overlap will help make a good pano... Becaused you moved down the steet as you shot your pictures the sticher cannot do its job... As you can see you have duplications... Also set your focus to manual and set to infinity. Also manually set your shutter speed too will help. Then do not change your settings for all the pictures.

Here is a free sticher... I have not used it but I hear it is a good one...


Let me know if I can be of more help...

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I guess I was thinking that the stitching programs could do magic. Once I figured out that I had to just stand in one spot when taking the pictures, it came out a lot better:

Attached files 172448=9864-Bluebonnet 2009.jpg

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