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Thank you Lady Luck!

Jeff Folejewski

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Took the Mrs. to the local racino today and wouldn't you know... I lucked out. They were having a little promotion where you had to be playing certain machines and then at every 1/2 hour they would pick a machine and that person would get a $50 "voucher" and a chance to win $500 cash.

Yep, picked me. :P

The wifey was happy and being very, VERY joyous when I was signing all the paperwork. Before I knew it I was spinning the big wheel for my chance at $500 cash. While I didn't win the cash, I did win $500 in "vouchers". woot.gif

The vouchers were in $50 denominations and basically, for the non-gambling folks, you have to bet $50 per voucher before you can cashout. Whatever you win is converted to cash and you can pocket it.

Out of the $500 in vouchers I pocketed $491.15. :) Not too shabby.

Now before you say this is off-topic being that this is the LOR forums... how do you think I'm going to pay for my Secret Sale controllers? :D

Thank you racino! cheers.gif

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MrChristmas2000 wrote:

Blessings come in many forms. You must have been very good lately.:)

Not really sure... I guess not having all the crazy light stuff to keep an eye on and getting back to spending quality time with the wifey and kiddos could be part of it. :)

LightEnthusiast wrote:
:shock: Lucky. How many controllers are you planning to get?

With the current plans, 5 more. BUT, I buy the stripped down, caseless/cordless, solder yourself kits so it's not crazy expensive like some others.
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