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4 16-Channel Controllers for Sale

Push Eject

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Hi guys!

I'm revamping and have (2) LOR1600's and (2) CTB16PC's for sale.

They all have heat sinks, 16 LOR pig-tails and are in RiteTime sprinkler boxes:


The 1600s are $185 or best offer, the 16PC's are $135 or best offer.

Local pickup in the Southern California area would be easiest, but I'll box 'em up and ship to you if you pay the shipping.

PM me if you're interested.


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toolmaker1 wrote:

Charile I will take the CTB16PC you have, You will need to ship them, PM me if you have a pay pal account I can send the money to. Thanks Dan

Hey Toolmaker,

About 4 posts up.
...the CTB16PCs are sold. Best offer on the 1600's (which are technically 1602's with one plug. Pull the jumper and add another plug for a 30A 1602W).

So close hey.
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OH got ya. Thanks, so I am a little behind. Well I guess I just have to wait for the sale, Next problem is I hope to get paid going on three pays with out cashing because companies claim they sent out money but low and behold they never did, What a wonderful country greed has made this place, I am glad I found some good people of this web site, I really spend most of my time on here reading all the forums, At leats you are all real people who are not out to screw everyone, Sorry Venting, Thanks for pointing out my inability to read the post up. Dan

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Hi guys,

I'm sorry I missed the last few replies. It's been insane at work.

So, one 1600 left. 50' cords too at $4 each, but shipping on those could get prohibitive really fast so maybe just for locals on those...

PM me!


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friskybri wrote:

those boxes are they from the broadband store and what size?

Those are RiteTime boxes... they used to be kind of the standard before LOR's weather proof boxes. They're just sprinkler timer boxes. Work great.

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