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I was wondering if I read wrong but was there some where that says that LOR2 can control a PLC. Before LOR I used a Hitachi PLC with 32 inputs and 64 outputs to "animate" my xmas display. I was hopeing I read correctly as I want to make some more displays that would work easier with the plc. I have an A/B plc and a Hitachi. I would prefer to use the Hitachi as I have the software for it.



Kingaroy,QLD,Australia ;)

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Thanks Jeff.

At least I know what I can and can't do.I suppose I could use the LOR module to activate the plc to start the animation and stop it.



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I plan on using an AB plc to control arches.

No dimig or ramping-on off only.

I am not going to use a lor channel to trigger an input.

I will use an x10 module to energize input of plc.

Use plc program to keep time with music.

Last year used x10 to power lasers and worked extremely well.

No waisting valuable LOR channels.

I have the x10 equipment.

Frank a.;)

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