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Status is Disabled and I can't get it Enabled

Leah C

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Ok, my lights are still up because I was waiting for a camcorder that took 3 weeks to get here. It finally came today and I decided to turn on my show, which is actually a static display so I can have the lights on when an animation is not playing. I run the animations manually by clicking play in the sequence editor.

So I clicked on the blue lightbulb and then click Enable Shows but nothing happened.
The Light-O-Rama Status v2.0.16 would say Enabled for a few seconds and it would say that it was waiting for the next show, and then it would go to Disabled.

I tried to open the sequence editor and it wouldn't open.

I opened the Control Panel and tested the lights and the lights all turned on, so I closed that and opened the Schedule Editor to see if my show was missing but it was still there.

So then I opened the Show Editor to see if I could just re-add it and make it go, but the Save button was greyed out and it wouldn't let me save it.

So the show is still there but it won't play, I can't open the sequence editor and I can't get it Enabled... Any ideas what could be wrong? The only thing I've done differently in the last couple days is that I installed Google Earth. I just told it to disconnect from the internet but that didn't help.

Do I need to uninstall the google earth? Or is there something else I need to look at?

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