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Bagwell Lights 2008 Videos

Mike Bagwell

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Bagwell Lights is located in Springfield, MO. The Display has over 70,000 lights stretching across two yards controlled by 192 Light-O-Rama computer control channels. The yard with the Mega tree is my house and the house with the pond is in my parents yard. The entire display is controlled and powered from my house. There are some advantages living next door to your parents. My Dad (Henry Bagwell) is my right hand man, or as he calls it free labor. We get to spend alot of quality time each year working on the display and I think he likes it almost as much as I do. We revised two songs from last year to work with changes in the display and added the new song below. I will post the other videos as I get time.

New Song for this year. Christmas Cannon Rock


Other Videos to come!

Hope you enjoy! :D

Mike Bagwell

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