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Random songs in a show?


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Is there a way to have the show editor randomly add a song?

Like if I have a song, but I only want it to be played maybe once a night, can I do that??

Or do I have to create a whole 3 hour show and do it myself.

Thank you


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iresq wrote:

I don't think so.

well that sucks............

Guess next year I will build a 3 hour show.

Here is the song in question, tell me what you think!

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I don't know if this will help.

My songlist was 43 minutes long and would repeat for the period of time

that was selected in the show editor, 4-5 hours.

Program your show for the length of your songlist. Make a aeperate songlist for

Rudolf and insert this in the show editor at the timing of your choice.

Main songlist - 55 minutes 5:00-5:55

Main songlist - 55 minutes 5:56-6:51

Rudolf songlist- 3 minutes 6:52-6:55

keep going on your design criteria

Frank A.:P

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