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Maybe have each channel be wireless (not X10 too slow) it would work but there would not be any fading or dimming. (costly but the fire inspector would be happier).

Just a little box that a window would plug into, that box could have like two channels+

But it could not be Each channel gets its own Frequance it would have to be like The LOR communications over a serial bus.

There I have it, Little Mini-LORs that have like 2 or 3 channels;
that could be wireless (802.11a wifi or like LOR uses) or wired (serial or TCP/IP)

I like that Idea of a MINI-LOR controler.

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No i don't think they do.
I think I have read some-where that some-one asked the same-thing.

I say that with the main chip (microController) thay probily don't have enuff pins to do anything any larger than 16

maybe if they just did a On/Off and non of the fades and dimming, then maybe they could do 32

One could just put two LORs in the same box.

But i like the idea of a Mini-LOR They could use a smaller Microcontroller and stuff.

Or even a Micro-LOR that would only be one channel and wireless; If it was cheap enuff.

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