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Newbies - new song in progress (S2)


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This approach works for me and I thought I would share it. The Zip has the files you need (S2 only) - as you will see I have the basic timing done for about 1/2 the song. I am about 15 hours into this song, and figure it will take another 40 or so more hours (I'm only working with 16 channels) to finish.

I use the beat track (for me ch 1 & 2) to time overall - then I jump up and down the time scale by 20 seconds or so to pick up major timing events - some are individual lights because of the high tones - or all lights because of a particular sound. I back fill the rest of the lights once I'm happy with the timing.

Once I make a choice of a sound to light sequence - then I go back and redo the lighting sequence. I have listened to the first minute and a half of this song about 600 times - tweaking the timing of lights every time....

I figured out early on that it will take me about 20 hours of programming to every 1 minute of music animation....

That being said - I will have a 1 hour show this year that I have programed all of the songs....

Attached files MicheleMcLaughlin_CelticChristmas.mp3.zip

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No - the question has to be, Are you excited and thrilled about what you have created!

Does it matter if it takes 10 minutes or 70 hours? Not in my book, it isn't going to play on my display if I don't like it.

Bryan - I'm workng on my 2nd song programming sequence, I like what I end up with, do I care how long it takes? My estimates are from my limited experience...

Quality first..... quantity last....


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Well said SJ

This was my first year doing this and it can take a very long time to sequence one song if YOU want it too. I was able to hack someone elses sequence to fit my display in just a couple of hours, but that was just to get my show running and make it through the season.

Did it work? Yes.

Was I happy with it? No, but at least it gave me something to put out there for others to enjoy at least for now till I can tweak it and make it really "pop" and look the way it should.

I had one song that I did myself from start to finish and it still needs "tuning" to make it look the way I want it to. It took me a very long time sitting here listening to it over and over just to start and figure out how to make it into a visual thing. I have already started doing some sequences for next year and I do expect them to take a long time to complete.

But like you said, I will be happy with the results and know that I did it myself. It can be frustrating at times for me since I am not the most musically gifted person and it takes me some time to get things to the point that I am satisfied with them. In the end it is all about how we feel about our display work no matter if it takes 1 hour per minute or 20 hours per minute to set it up.

Of course one can always pick "easy to sequence" style of songs that won't take so much time to do or adapt something that is already set up, but it certainly doesn't have the feel like a song that you do from start to finish.

I'll take the extra hours invested to get the guality look now myself since now I "see" what it is that I can produce with this.

Just my 2 cents.


PS - I downloaded your sequence and I will take a look at it sometime this weekend and let you know what I think.

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Hey all,

This is my completed 16 channel version of Celtic Christmas, I'm going to port it to 32 channels.

Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated.


Attached files Celtic_xmas.zip

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