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Just got back from WalMart today. Hit the front door at 0630 with the wife and we just needed some more garland but started look at some 50 ct lights and this is what happened. 60 cents a box and we could not stop until we had all the clears, reds and greens on white and green wire. 4 carts later and even I said dang thats enough lets go. Half way home I realized we forgot to get some garland so we had to go back. Yea I got one more box of lights.


The trip! The wife going after some blue lights for her project for next year.





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I'm sure WalMart loves you! I was worried that people may look at me "being greedy" and not leaving lights for others.

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Robin wrote:

Hey Dot I was born and raised in Weston. About 120 miles north of you.

Nice haul of lights. You are starting to look like my stockroom.


We have only lived here for 3 years, one of many states I have lived in over my 40 years of life. I transfered in with my job but we do like it, although we do miss the big city's due to more versatility of goods readily available to get at a moments notice.

Go Mountaineers!
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stanward wrote:

I was worried that people may look at me "being greedy" and not leaving lights for others.


You have to remember 4 things.

1. First come first served.

2. Early bird gets all the worms.

3. 2nd is just another loser. Do not be sucked in by soft people giving awards for 1st - 100th place.

4. The most important one. What! You only need five boxes, you can wait and pay full price next year. I am buying in bulk so I will also need to commandeer your cart as well.:D;)
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Correction: 2nd place is the first loser.

I use to go to the local WalMart and they would give me a clerk to help load the carts. Four or five carts was normal for many years. Now I just go and pick what I need to replace the stock room. I usually keep about 150-170 thousand on hand just in case I get in a building mood. They won't go bad in a box and considering I paid about $0.25 a box many times it is not like I have a fortune.

So do not feel bad about buying the lights. Take them while the taking is good. If the other people really wanted them they would have been up at 5am waiting for the store to open.

Charleston is nice just a little spread out and always busy. Wife and I graduated from WVU and honestly I like it as it is about the right size. Where I live now the entire county only has about 160,000 people and then 40,000 snowbirds come down in the winter. Of course all of them have their right turn signal on, drive 20 in a 45, cannot see over steering wheel and demand an early bird menu! But hey some of them even have money.

Oh forgot, their favorite phrase, "that's not how we do it up north".

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2nd place is the first loser.................... I absolutely love that phrase!

I guess I gotta wake up earlier to get the load of cases of lights. I went to the store kinda late in the morning, around 6:30am when the store opened at 5am. There's always end of this year!

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That's awesome! All of our shelves we're cleared wayyyy before Christmas. It ticks me off I swear I miss the Flyer that states when the store is having their sales on Christmas lights and even so when do have their sales in Canada the sales aren't the greatest...


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