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Hello all. I'm new to the LOR community and their products. For Christmas I got my father a 16-channel LOR starter kit and have been making some animations and musical sequences for it.

I have researched this as much as possible and found that the only available Linux software that would work with these boxes is dmx4linux. Since I don't exactly have the funds to get the iDMX hardware, I am inquiring into a possible future alternative.

I can tell that the LOR S2 software suite is quite advanced and refined. I don't expect to see that for Linux soon or ever, although it would be amazing if it did happen. Instead of a whole redesign of the suite to be Linux-capable, I was wondering if just a daemon server could be created. All it would require is a means of configuring a start and stop time for shows, a method of playing music (xine would work great), and a way to read premade sequences. The seuqences would obviously have to be made on a computer capable of running the LOR software suite, but it would work wonders to be able to control the lights from a Linux system, which I have 7 of in my house, rather than sacrificing my mother's only Windows laptop.

Something that may make it even better would be the ability to remotely control the Linux daemon from another PC using the S2 suite. It may be beneficial to be able to roam around the yard with a laptop wireless and be able to fine tune each channel remotely. This doesn't necissarily have to be Linux-specific either. A Windows daemon could also be just as capable.

These are just some ideas I had since I recieved our LOR. It is quite a product!


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