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When is enough...enough?


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Hello everyone, I am a 3rd year LOR 32 Channel UK user and I am starting to think about next years display...

I am wanting to add at least another 16 channels (maybe 24 or 32) to my exisiting 32 I have, to do some leaping arches with ropelight. At the momment on the 240v system I am using 5.5kWh for each 5 and 1/2 hour show. I am wanting to add more but am worried about putting to much strain/stress on the power system for my house. At max capacity all 32 on the electricity meter does give a buzz....but no problems at all. All of the boards arent being strained, 4 power boards for 2x 16 channel boards, each 2 plugs is split onto 2 circuited breakered ring mains cirucuits to distribute the load....however next year...more channels more strain...am I right in thinking? I would like to be able to reassure my father, by facts or calcuations or improvments to the system at home, we co-do the display on my parents house that I can add more channels safely.

Please help


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If available, consider LEDs. They consume 1/10th the power and you can run thousands of them without overloading your current service or having to upgrade your service.

It is difficult to answer your question without knowing the details of your planned expansion.

If you are planning on doubling the electrical load, you may want to get a contractor in to evaluate your current service to make sure you do not overload it.

If you are going to add a small bit, then redistribute the existing display among the controllers, you may be okay.

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There is a simple fix to your question.

Do not have them on all the time. If you find that you need to have them on all at once for something then reduce the intensity. Chances are you would not have a problem for one to two seconds at full power. Yet by only having part of them on at any given time would not cause you a problem.

Where people get in a pickle is when they think just because a controller can handle 20 amps on each side they must load 20 amps on each side. So just use some common sense, count your amps, and pay attention when you sequence.

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