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Can you use water fountains with LOR? Or is there any type of thing that uses fire that you dont need a pyro lisence for (i really dont care about the fire one)

But is there any type of water jet fountain (or any) that i can use with LOR?

because i dont wanna go buy somthing if it wont work

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the fire idea is good :P but here in Oz we are usually in fire restrictions come christmas time....water features may be a bit iffy here too as we are in water restrictions too...

this post is really no help to ya is it lol.....oh well if i can find anything useful i'll post later...but great ideas m8


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was looking at mini tree vids and came across this.....told ya I might find something lol


it's a setup of lights and water using the d-lite controllers.

custom built and nothing stopping you from doing your own except for fear of water and electricity dont usually mix well so at your own risk...

be careful and good luck :D

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Note: most pump motors have a large load up as they reach to full speed, would recommend using a contactor-overload, variable frequency controller or larger relay to handle that load. Solenoid actuated valves have also shown me at work to take out properly rated PLC outputs before there time, so would also use some sort of cheaper isolation relay. Do not forget about over-load, short protection.

Shooting water in a nice laminar flow: Use at least ten diameter's of pipe after the last elbow ,even more if it is shot right after the pump, screens inside the pipe also work well it ridding the flow of "Eddies"or straitening out the water flow. Pumps tend to churn up the flow. For this reason, shooting water out of an air cylinder (ram) is best.

Fire: Big liability.:shock:

Have always wanted to do something with water.

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I made flame projectors this year and was a big success.


I plan to have a video up on how I made them. The DMX ones from China will cost you about $200 each after shipping... I think mine were like $60 each and you do not need to invest in DMX hardware...

I know there are several here that poo poo's the use of fire.... All I can say mine are as safe as standard Tiki torches.... ;)

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