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The Chipmunk Song Video


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Robin, YOU are the KING of FUN!!!

I can't wait to get home and show the wife and kids this one. They are going to love it. Thanks to all your fun videos, I'm going to add a couple purely "fun" songs next year.

This being my first year, I wanted "nice" songs... which are nice but I feel like sometimes a little fun is missing. Next year, next year will be different... so THANKS!

And keep up the great work, it's awesome!

Merry Christmas, cheers.gif

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There is only one wireframe and that is Alvin in the yard. The characters singing are coro.

Alvin is in the yard and when Dave screams at him he goes off in the yard and comes on in the coro.

Thanks for the good words. I know that some could give a much better video of this but doing the editing and recording is something I do not put much time into during the year and then always scramble to get them up for others to see.

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Well made Robin well made. Love the look. and Super Sequencing. I have to work on my Coro. That just looks like a lot of fun!


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