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Another lag problem


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There are several other threads going on this topic but I did not want to throw another question in the mix. I think I have tried all the suggestions to solve it.

I have a dmx and 64 channels using 4 1602's. The problem is with the fouth controller which is the furthest from the house. Its on the far side of the sidewalk near the street. The cable run is long since I had to run it up a tree above head level, across a sidewalk, and back down to the ground. The power is hung with it.

All channels are working except Channels 4:9-16 don't respond when I turn all 64 channels on at once. They do respond when I turn them on individually like a chase. There is no noticable delay when they do respond. I have only noticed this since the temps have been in the single digits but it may have been doing this since the beginning. PC usbconverter 50ftcat5 lor1 dmx 10ft lor2 25ft lor3 50ft lor4. Total 145ft.

So far I have cycled controller 4 by power down, set to zero, power up and down, set back to 4 power up. No effect. :) Also changed speed to fast in Seq editor. And...changed the settings on the com port. 9600 -> 19200. Also removed the dmx from the channel list, but it is still a device passing the cable.

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Thanks for your help Dan. With no additional attempts to fix it, all channels are now working all the time. The only thing different is the temperature which is now 25 degrees warmer than when I noticed the problem. (8->36) The problem lasted three days total which seems to line up with the cold spell, at least in my mind.

The controller is from this years spring sale but its only been in use since thanksgiving. All the channels worked using hardware utility and all parts of all my sequences except when I turned all (64) off to all on at once.

I will keep a close eye on it to see if the problem reappears when the temps go down again.

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