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Thank you Dan


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What can I say.............I should of made a post about what Light-O-Rama did for me a week and a half ago back but sent in a email to the support center instead. To my surprise, (I live in a homeowners association deal) last night, I had 20-30 people/families at my home. Surprisingly, all showed up in time for the show. Later I learned my next door neighbor Barb is on the committee and had sent out an email about my lights.

People, I'm pretty new at this but can gladly fully say I have a 48 channel display this year all thanks to the fine fine folks at Light- O-Rama. I attempted to build my own controllers and must of done something seriously wrong, they did not work. Of course I waited until the last minute and was seriously bummed at the fact my lights and set up sat in the dark for almost 2 weeks. I overnighted the bum units in USPS and was asking for help. To my surprise, I opened the door to greet my wife home from work and there was the package. Light-O-Rama sent me 2 factory built controllers in place of the one's I must of seriously messed up. I do not know the extent or exactly what I did wrong but quickly got to work and all I had to do was place them in the controller box and wire them in. The show was up and running without a hitch. I can't say enough about the customer service these people provide........I've read very carefully here at the forum and have gained so much information........this year's show I spent all year on getting music together and doing the sequence deal.

Thank you Light-O-Rama and especially you Dan for your support and help. To my other shock I learned there was a display contest in our assocation and was handed a gift card. I won! I can't believe the customer service these people helped me with to help me get my show going. All my neighbors I met for the first time had many questions and were taken in on how well this equipment works. I have almost a foot of snow here and everything has come together so well, especially in part to Light-O-Rama. Again thank you!!!


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Just another success store. I had one just like it last year. Light-O-Rama is truly an amazing company and a place I plan on being with for a very long time!!

Thanks for another great season LOR!!

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