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Is this a Vista problem?

Matt Kromeke

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This problem is on my Vista Intel Core 2 1.86GHz with 2 GB RAM. Running LOR 2.0.16. but did the same with LOR 1.x before I upgraded. I am only running 16 channels

When i am working on a musical sequence in the sequence editor with the mp3 file set. It takes 20 to 30 seconds to start playing the sequence. It doesn't matter if i only play the visible screen or the entire song. It doesn't matter if I am controling the lights or not. When it does finally play the sequence the timing of the sequence and the music is correct it just takes 20+ seconds to start both. Just think about how much time it adds to programing when you have to wait 20+ seconds for the sequence to start just to hear 3 seconds of music. It is driving me cracy!

To top it off it works fine on my OLD XP computer with 256Mb of RAM, but i can't have a show running and be working on a sequence at the same time.

Can someone please tell me what i can do to fix this or tell me that i am screwed because of VISTA!!!!

Thanks Matt

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I'll have to apply this remedy to my laptop when I get to the office tomorrow. I've not had any noticeable problems with or delays using S2 software with Vista for sequencing, but I DO have the annoyance of not being able to get sound from MPEG files - the video plays just fine sans the sound. Ideas, anyone?

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