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Christmas Lights Down-Under - Highbury, South Australia


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Hello Everyone,

Down here in Australia it is not that common to have Christmas Lights set to music (although static displays are quite common). My estimate is that there might be 40-50 of us doing it nationwide. (I know of about 4 in my home state of South Australia).

This year I thought I would join them and the results can now be seen on my website as well as on YouTube.


Other videos are on my website http://christmas.darkeyrie.net/

My system has 48 channels of CMB16's running +28V DC and 32 channels of CTB16's running 240V AC with the MP3 Show Director driving it. This is my first year with LOR gear as I had been building my own switching based controllers the past two years, but couldn't get the music sync working and hit a scalability problem (couldn't get past 32 channels of control on the PC without a major overhaul).

Anyway, I hope people like what I have done.

Grant in Highbury - South Australia


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The photos were taken by a friend (one of my co-constructrors) who is into photography in a big way. He has a digital SLR camera and used a tripod with some very nice lenses.

The videos were originally filmed with my Sony HDV 1080i camera (I am more into video) and I must admit the exposure is not quite right - but I had to stay up till 2am to film it to avoid having cars drive past in the middle of the picture - lets just say I was a bit tired and forgot to set the manual exposure before shooting it.:?

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