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New Indianapolis display

Andy Wallman

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This is my first year, but I'm already hooked. My current display has 48 channels and I'm already working on sequences for next year that will double that. Big expansion plans!

This completely changes the way you hear any Christmas music. I can no longer just listen to the music. My mind immediately goes into a planning mode of what the lights would do if I were to program a sequence for that song.

Our street normally only gets traffic for the 30-or-so homes located on it. But the word has already spread including a mention in the Indianapolis Star (the Indy paper) of 10 displays in the City of Indianapolis to see. We had steady traffic last night. The neighbors had been very excited up to this point. Hopefully the sudden traffic doesn't change their feelings!

Please let me know what you think:


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Looks great Andy

Great house to decorate with as well.

I too am in the "first year mode" with this.

I already have 96 channels running and have 4 more controllers due here on Monday for some leaping arches! Yikes this can really get going fast huh?

I hope to get some pictures and video soon, but we have had rain or snow every night since I turned things on for the last 2 weeks so far and I haven't been able to get anything yet.

Keep up the good work.


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