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Well it certainly does get in your blood fast once you start playing with this stuff for sure :shock:.

I just ordered another 4 controllers ( the CTB16KDWHS units) and I have begun constructing 2 - 20 foot arches. One arch will be blue and white M5's and one will be blue and green m5's. I'm going to have 16 segments of each color on each arch, hence the need for 4 more controllers.

This is turning into quite the project for this year. I hope to have the arches out by mid next week just in time for Christmas eve.

This will bring me up to 144 channels so far and I have a few ideas for next year that will probably require another 64 channels or so.

This is my first year doing this, but everyone has been absolutely thrilled by the display so far. I did get a mega tree, 4 mini trees, and of course the house done so far.

I will have to go into seclusion for a couple of months next year just to be able to spend the time it will take to do sequencing, but it certainly is worth it and I am actually having a ball with this stuff.

Probably should think about sleep at some point, but there will be plenty of time for that after the new year starts :D. I still have to get some photos and videos of the display, but it has either been raining or snowing every night since I went live with it so far and I have been so busy building things and sequencing everynight.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season and Merry Christmas to all.

Bill Ellick

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Bill, it is a passion of love. but maybe next year you might want to think about starting a little earlier to setup.

during the summer I'm building mini trees and arches and wiring them up.
In october I start getting everything out of the attic and spread thru out my living room. waiting for the go code.

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