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intermittant starts and stops with show while music continues


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I thought that I would share this experience I had a couple of years ago. My show was running fine but then the lights would stop and start up again while the music was playing fine. I had put my wireless receiver in a wooden cabinet along with the controllers and was loosing signal.


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For folks suspecting that their linker wireless communication might be a problem, here is what I do to test my setup at the beginning of the season:

Some sort of signal strength readout would be nice, but that feature doesn't exist, so a manual test can be performed.

Once you have everything setup and working, create an animation sequence about 3 minutes long with a single "ON" event of all your lights. at the beginning of the sequence. Then run that sequence in the sequencer or in a test show. You can put it in a loop if you want. If communication is lost by one of the controllers then the lights will go off a few seconds after the loss of communication. So, if you watch the lights and see that any of them go off before the 3 minute sequence has ended, then you probably have marginal communications and need to adjust the linker location or shorten the cat5 cable going to them.

Ideally, the lights should stay on for the whole 3 minutes. That would indicate solid communication. On the other hand, if the lights go off after only a few seconds of when the sequence starts, then you need to make some serious adjustments.

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