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A newbie gets treats


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This is my first year using a LOR system to control my lights. I have added a lot of lights to my display and I am using a LOR 16 channel system to run the show.

I live in a small rural community (Blanding, UT) and as far as I know no one within a hundred miles of my location is using a computer control system to control their lights. I have had several people and groups of young people stop by my house and leave me goodies and tell me that they love my light and music show.

I have always had a lot of lights on my display but people bringing me goodies is a first for me! It is nice to know that others are enjoying the light show besides myself and my wife.

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Be careful, it might be a trap. They could actually hate the lights and trying to poison you to keep the show from running...LoL

No in all seriousness, doesn't it just warm you heart to know people appreciate what you have done.

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The first time we received treats it was a milk chocolate bar that a large group of young ladies brought by. Last night was the fifth time we had treats brought over and it was frosted carrot cakes.

My wife suggested that next year if we did a bigger show maybe we could get even bigger better treats!

When I first decided to try this I was not sure if I could pull off the show and get it all together with only six weeks left to Thanksgiving weekend which is when I normally start my static light show. I did not get my show started until Dec 1 and I had people asking me if I was going to have my decorations out this year. No pressure.

Having to learn and figure out the system on my own was bit of a challenge. The LOR forum's was a life saver for me. If it had not been for everyones help my light show may not have made it this year. I am short handed at work so I have been having to cover several other people's shifts so I have not had the time I normally would have to prepare my light show.

I have learned a lot over the last couple of months and next year I am going to have a lot more fun and now that I have a handle on things I am going to upgrade to a 48 channel show and hard wire my home with the cabling and speaker wires and such needed to support my light show. I just ran things on a temporary basis to see if I could actually make this work and see if I wanted to continue doing this.

It is all very addictive. I hope I can stop at 48 channels other wise I am going to have to add more power outlets to the outside of my house though a sub-panel. Ha! It is only more time and money.

Oh, well, people seem to really enjoy it. That is what makes it really worth while.

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No I started with a 16 channel system and so I did not run power chords long distances this year. I would have a better effect with more distance between each display.

I think I will be using some ssr's next year and up things to 32 or 48 channels next year. I will be adding a FM transmitter as well for the music.

It is all very addicting once you get the hang of it.

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Yea, this is fabulous when people bring goodies isn't it.

During the Christmas season when I get an unexpected knock at the door, I know it is for one of a few reasons.

1: Thanks for the show. Here are some goodies we made.

2: Tears in the eyes from someone thanking us for helping a charity that once helped them.

3. Can you help me jump my battery because I was too stupid to leave on the car lights!

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