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Manual Trigger or scheduled shows

Richard Maxey

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I have created a musical sequence with some nice lights and Manneheim Steamroller.

I can play the sequence by hitting the play icon. It plays fine.

What I cannot do is get it to run automatically either via the time of day scheduler nor via a dry contact closure. the status box seems to work fine....when a show is supposed to be active, the status box says a show is playing, and when the time for the show expires the status box displays a "No show active dialog" The problem is that NOTHING EVER HAPPENS! The sequence never runs....the status box says it is running, but it isn't....something somewhere is not optioned correctly.....


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Are you able to talk to your lor hardware in the Hardware Utility? Does the red led on the board light solid when you do?

Can you control lights when you play your sequences via the Sequence Editor?

What hardware do you have?

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