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Hi Chris!

Georgia has it's first ever Mini last April. Folks came from at least as far as FL, TN, TX and NC.

Here's one of the PC threads: http://talk.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=21698

Michelle and Kevin McAllorum were our gracious hosts. Don't know if they plan on doing it again in '09, but you may like to get in touch if you want to coordinate on GA events.

Merry Christmas!


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Chris D. Brooks wrote:

I can't find their email/contact info. Where do I find it? The McAllorum that is.

See this thread:


Also search in "Members" for

Kmcallorum that's Kevin

or Snowlovergeorgia that's Michelle.

You can send them a PM from this site.

Oh and Dan, You left out Alabama, Maryland and South Carolina. I was also thinking someone from Virginia was there, but might be mistaken. It was a great time!

Edit: Photos from the event are here:


Edit: Photos from our Charlotte, NC event in September are here:

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