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Strange Error message


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Ok first of all "Runtime error! Program c:Program FilesLight-O-RamaLorMonitor.exe
This Application has requested the Runtime to Terminate it in an
unusual way. Please contact the applications support team for
more information."

Will now be referred to as "the error".

I am running only 16 channels with 4 sequences. They are as follows:

1) Intro (my kids introducing the show)
2) Christmas with a capital C
3) Away in a Manger (John Berry)
4) Wizards in Winter

The show was too short so I downloaded the 16 channel TSO Christmas Eve/Sarajevo from the LOR site and then ripped the song. I chose the mp3 file as the media. Skewed the track .4 seconds. Everything lined up perfectly. I added this Sequence to the end of my show.

Now here is where the problem comes into play. In the control Panel I click enable show. The show starts up normally and plays all the way through. After the 5th Sequence the show starts over with the intro. The intro plays all the way through and then when it gets back to Christmas with a Capital C, I have a fade at the beginning and as soon as it finishes it's fade the show stops. I run upstairs and see "the error" with an ok button. I click ok and then enable show again in control panel. The show plays all the way through and then when it gets to Capital C the second time in the exact same spot "the error" comes up again. I updated all firmware. I uninstalled software, did the registry wipe and reinstalled software. I completely deleted the show file and created a new one. The exact same problem happened in the exact same spot.

I removed the TSO Christmas Eve from the 5th spot completely out of the show. The show keeps running through with no problem. On a Whim I put the TSO Christmas Eve in the second spot then enabled show. The complete show plays all the way through then plays Intro and TSO Christmas Eve then "the error" before Capital C plays. I removed teh TSO Christmas Eve again and now show runs flawless again.

So......... I figured out how to keep "the error" from happening, but I don't like it b/c the Sequence for TSO Christmas Eve worked out pretty good with my Display.

Any Ideas on what may be causing this problem?

OH and BTW I also updated the USB drivers and all problems are the same.

Thanks in advance,


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Sure... It probably will not be until tonight maybe after the lights go out. They are already running by the time I get home. I took out the Christmas Eve TSO sequence so that it will run without interruption tonight but would like to have back in there. The only change I made to the sequence that I downloaded from the LOR site is skewing it .4 seconds to match my mp3 file. As soon as I remove it from the show all is well. Would you like the audio files also or just the sequence and show files?


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I'm particularly interested in the sequences/show, but the audio files would be good, too.

One thing you might want to try: Make sure your computer is up to date with Windows Update, and install the latest version of Windows Media Player (even if you already have the latest version of it installed - sometimes reinstalling that cleans up some weird problems).

What kind of USB adapter are you using?

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Ok..... for anyone who followed this thread at all. For some reason the problem with with the .wav file for Christmas with a Capital C, even though it didn't happen unless the Christmas Eve/Sarajevo was in the show. Bob had asked that I send the audio files to him. Well.... the .wav file was over 35 megs. I converted it to .wav to send to him. Before sending it to him, and on a whim, I opened the sequence and changed the media file to the mp3's then tested the show out. Problem solved! The show ran from 5:30 to 10pm saturday and Sunday with no hiccups. Still not sure why the wav was a problem but... at least we all know now.


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