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New idea for this year


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Wow, awesome job!

How did you get the TSO songs to be mixed like that? I think that is neat as well!


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Very well done Brian, nice mix on the audio track and nice sequencing effects. Thanks for sharing with us.

Merry Christmas
Daryl B.

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Richard Hamilton

Hmmm, I'm curious how many channels you assigned to those poles?
Nice idea.

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The setup uses 5 channels and is used indoors. Try this at your own risk, everyone's electrical knowledge is different and unless you have wiring and soldering experience you shouldn't try this, hence the reason I left out the detailed wiring instructions.

Snowflake poles.

Parts list:

1 deck post toppers and a can of gold metallic spray paint per pole

2” PVC cut to whatever length you would like

2” PVC cap per pole

2” male and female thread adapter per pole

1 24v door bell transformer per channel (the secret)

2” red electrical tape

1x6 pine

Galvanized sheet rock screws 1 5/8”

Snowflake lights (35 count from Bronners #1099445)

30 15” Extension cords (or lamp cord and 30 male/20 female plugs)

70 shrink tube sleeves

1/16 steel security wire for fishing wires

1 tube liquid nails

The whole summer to put this together (everyone looks at you funny until they see it done)

Cut the 1x6 pine into a box for the base

Cut two squares from the 1x6 for the base top and one small enough to slide down inside.

Drill the two squares on center with a 2” hole saw

Paint the post tops with the gold paint (may need two or three coats)

Cut the 2” PVC into 6’ (or whatever size you want) sections then add 12” for the base.

Wrap the PVC with the 2” red electrical tape

Place the 1x6 square for the top of the box on the PVC

Drill the 2” PVC cap just smaller then the deck post topper lag

Glue the cap and male threaded adapter to each end of the PVC

Take the 1x6 square you cut to slip inside the box and put it over the threaded adapter and use the female adapter to hold it into place.

Pre drill and screw the box together then slide the PVC down inside about 13” and screw in place.

Pre drill and screw the box top on.

Mark your poles every 6” in an s pattern (see diagram)

Cut apart snowflake set.

Drill holes just large enough to snugly fit light into holes

Fish lamp cord through the PVC using the security wire following diagram below and solder all the lights back using shrink tube. I would tell you how to wire but I don’t want to be liable.

Push the lights on center back into holes and the off center light face forward and glue with liquid nails in place. Use electrical tape to hold in place.

Wire transformers and male/female plugs.

The whole set is wired in series so if one bulb blows the whole channel will shut down.

Attached files 166786=9597-poles.jpg

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Brian - The Youtube file has been removed. I would verymuch like to see a video of your snowfall poles in action. Could you possibly resubmit a video to youtube (without the audio)

Thanks - Tom L.

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Paul Roberson

Or put it on Vimeo with the audio:shock:

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Thank you, thats what I needed. Looks great.

Tom L. :)

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Jeff Folejewski

I love this idea! We are going to try it with a little twist next year and I can't wait to see how it looks. The only hint I'm giving is "Snowflakes in Motion". :(

Thanks OP for the great idea!

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