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Sequences won't stop


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I used the simple show builder to add the four sequences, to run every 30 minutes and keep the lights on when the show is not playing.

When I enable the shows it starts the show playing all four sequences and just plays them over and over.

What am I doing wrong?


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Are you sure that's the way the show is set up? Because that's the way it would operate if you selected "Run Continuously" rather than "Every Half Hour". Perhaps just try the Simple Show Builder again, and see if that helps?

Otherwise, are you running the show from the PC or from an SD card?

What version of software are you using?

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Hmmm... it's possible that the "Lights On" sequence is missing or corrupt. In that case, when the Show Player goes to play it, it will fail, and so will move on to the next sequence in the show (i.e. back to the beginning of the show).

Do you have (in your regular "Sequences" directory) a file called "LORSimpleShowBuilderAllOn.las"? If not, that's the problem.

If so, can you open/play that sequence in the Sequence Editor? If not, that's the problem.

I'm attaching a copy of this file to this post.

However, even if one of the above is the issue, I think you're going to run into another problem. Version 2.0.16 has the following bug:

If a show reaches its scheduled end time, and a sequence from the show's muscial section is running, and that sequence happens to be an animation sequence, it will not be stopped. Instead, it will be allowed to play all the way through to its end.

So, your "Lights On" sequence won't be interrupted when it's time to start the next show.

This bug is fixed in version 2.1.2, so you could try upgrading to that. If you don't want to do that, though, I think you might have to schedule things in a different way (using the Show Editor and the Schedule Editor instead of the Simple Show Builder). For example, two separate shows, scheduled back to back, the first of which has your musical sequences in its musical section, and the second of which has a "Lights On" sequence in its animation section.

Attached files LORSimpleShowBuilderAllOn.las
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