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Thank you Dan!


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I would like to let everyone know how extremely helpful LOR support was today. At 11am I experienced catastrophic laptop failure. It gave me a "heat" warning and said to shut down immediately (which I did). I let it cool off and tried to restart and....NOTHING...no fan motor, no power supply noise, no disk noise....nothing.

I was able to procure a replacement laptop (sometimes it helps to work in the IT department), and as I do follow my own advice and have a backup, I was able to load on the show files. The only problem was the LOR software. I purchased it via download and all my access codes and links were safely tucked away in email folders....on the dead machine.

I sent an email to LOR support and within an hour I received an email with the info I needed to reload the software on the new machine.

I was able to reload everything with only a brief hangup due to forgetting to load the drivers for the RS485 cable. After I retrieved the original driver disk and loaded it, all my hardware was talking to the computer.....whew!!!!

I then had to redo the audio links, recreate the show schedule and rebuild the schedule. It was quicker to recreate them than try to resolve the link issue. I ran a test at 4:17pm and everything played nicely both hardware and software.

The show kicks off at 6pm so I had almost two hours to spare! So Dan and crew...

Thank you.....Thank you.....THANK YOU!
You guys (and gals) are amazing! Thanks to you, no one will be disappointed when they come to see the show tonight. (of course, I now have to figure out what happened to laptop #1..but that's a problem for another day).

Anyway, once again, I can't say enough nice things about LOR and the people who stand behind it.

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