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Frustrated Confused - HELP!!!


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My first year and all was well until I turned the lights on; thinking that everything would work just fine. All three ACx16 controllers work with LOR II software, however the dLight DCx16 controller is not following the programmed sequence. Some lights come on as sequenced, most don't, some do their own thing - I'm confused!

Everything checks out with the hardware utility (dLights), but when LOR II is in control it's chaos! Checked channel properties a hundred times, I don't know where to turn. I've been trying to get my show going for a week and now I'm strating to think it won't happen this year - HELP!!!

The DC controller is operating 12 channels of MR16 LED's. I have the 22 ohm resistor installed. I've checked all the connections. . . I'm stuck!

Thanks in advance,

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